The town center of Agios Nikolaos is a bottomless lake, which is actually not a lake because it is connected to the sea and is not bottomless because it does not go all the way to the other side of the earth. But it is deep enough for the retreating Germans to dump all their tanks during WWII, and nobody has seen them since. 

Now the descendants of those same Germans can frolic in the sea and in the pubs with the descendants of the British people they fought, while being served by the ancestors of the farmers who defended their land with muskets against those tanks at the bottom of the bottomless lake.
Indeed ‘Agios’ as it is called in it’s short form, is an interesting town, somewhat less so in the summer when it is so packed with tourists that the local buses can barely get through the streets. Nearby is the Elounda Beach, one of the most well known and successful resorts in the country.

There are enough sandy coves and beaches along the coast so you can get away from the crowds if you want though you probably won’t find solitude unless you head inland.Although ‘Agios’ once had the reputation of a party town, the area is now more likely to attract couples, young and older, and has a charm which is a far cry from the popular image which is still being bandied about by guide books which were written ten or fifteen years ago.


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