Privacy Policy Car Rental

Privacy Policy Car Rental

Rental Agreement terms & conditions

Rentals Allercrete Rental Terms

1. Delivery and Collection: Renter received a car which he examined and found to his complete satisfaction, in a condition acceptable and appropriate for the purpose he rents it. You must return the car and all documents, tools, accessories, and equipment provided by us, in the same condition you received it, at the location and on the date and time designated on the front side of this page. We reserve the right to gain repossession and use of the vehicle at any time without notice and without Renter’s consent, but at Renter’s expense, from wherever and by any means, if: a) at our discretion there is a danger of damage or loss of car as well as the risk of not receiving the rental charge or any other due compensation, b) it has been used in violation of this agreement c) it has been used in violation of Greek laws.

The vehicle is delivered and received with the exact amount of fuel, otherwise, surcharges will be applied (see paragraph 5).

2. Late Return: If you don’t return the car by the designated return time is expired, you have to pay a full day’s rental charge. If your delay causes the next client to postpone or lose his rental reservation, you will be charged for compensation equal to that client’s lost rental. After the expiration of the rental period, you have both civil and penal liability for illegal use and possession of the car.

In case the vehicle is returned earlier there is no refund or any kind of reimbursement.

3.Extension of the rental period: If you want to prolong the rental period, you must notify us in writing at least 24 hours before the end of the rental period. We must answer with a written approval otherwise there is no extension and the terms of article 2 apply In case of extension of rental, the terms and conditions of the initial agreement will apply unless otherwise noted.

4.Damages: Any damage or loss, incurred in the following circumstances is not covered in “excess” and has to be paid in full by You, regardless of any insurance: (a) when driving in violation of the Greek Driving code or in violation of Greek laws (b) when driving in violation of the terms of this contract, (c) when driving off-road (see also paragraph 6. h for additional charges related to off-roading) (d) when driving outside the borders of Crete (e) during loading, unloading, or transport of car by ships or train or other means of transport, (f) damage to, or loss of, equipment and accessories provided by us, (g) damage to the lower part of the car (engine’s oil pan, exhaust under pipes, engine protection plates, etc.), (h) damage to the tires and wheels including tire punctures. Where damage occurs to the car, or mechanical difficulty arises, you will immediately notify. If damage is caused by the misuse or abuse of the vehicle, you will remain responsible (a) for the rental charge for the remainder of the unexpired rental period and (b) for costs incurred by the cancellation or postponement of the hire of the vehicle to future customers as a result of its unavailability. Where a vehicle has been crashed or has a mechanical failure and is not able to be driven any further, the Company is under no obligation to replace or supply another vehicle and no compensation can be claimed by the Renter for the unused portion of the rental period. If Rental Allercrete is able to provide a replacement vehicle, this procedure may bear additional costs for the Renter, which (the costs) are dependent on distance and methods of delivery. The Renter will be notified about the costs and the delivery of the replacement vehicle will take place only with his written acceptance (via SMS or email or other messaging application) of these additional costs.

5. Additional charges: In addition to the charges set out in sections 2, 4, and 5, you must pay the company at the end of the rental period, unless otherwise agreed, the following amounts: Refueling charges if the vehicle is not returned with the tank of fuel rented. Any fines, penalties, penalties, court costs and other costs imposed or to be imposed on the company due to the unlawful use of the vehicle by the Renter. The Renter or the additional driver named on the front of this contract will continue to be responsible for any illegal acts. Charges for the transportation of the vehicle in the event of returning the vehicle to a location other than that indicated on the front side of this agreement without the written consent of the Company. All charges are subject to a final audit.

6. Use of vehicle and responsibilities of Renter: Vehicle is to be operated only by the renter or any additional renter who is authorized by Automin SA and written on the rental agreement as additional driver. Drivers must provide their valid driving licences and IDs. You are expected to take good care of vehicle, preserve it in good condition, etc., and in general to behave in a prudent matter.

Pets/animals are not allowed in the vehicles without the specific protected box like those used in airplanes. Any damage from pets/animals inside the car must be paid; Costs depending on the damage made. The Renter is obliged to pay any cleaning costs up to 100 euros.

The Company operates on a strict non-smoking policy in all vehicles. The Company will enforce a special cleaning charge to the Renter if a returned vehicle requires special treatment to remove any evidence of smoking

Any repair of the vehicle by You or any other person is prohibited without the company’s prior written consent. Vehicle must not exit Crete nor be loaded on ship or any other means of transportation without the company’s prior written consent. Vehicles must not be used: (a) to carry property or persons for hire, (b) to propel or to tow any other vehicle, trailer, or other objects, (c) to participate in or to follow rallies, races, or competitions of any kind, (d) for subleasing by Renter to any third party, (e) for purposes contrary to Greek Law, (f) while Renter or the additional vehicle driver is under the influence of alcohol, hallucinatory drugs, narcotics, barbiturates, or any other substance impairing consciousness or ability to react, (g) in contravention of any customs, traffic or other regulations, (h) by any third person other than the Renter and additional driver mentioned in the front side of this agreement, (i) to make illegal transports or to perform illegal acts. You agree (a) not to attempt to sell, dispose of or encumber the vehicle in any way, (b) not to alter the vehicle, including any identifying markings, without Company’s prior written consent. You are solely responsible for the ignition keys during the rental period. Should they be lost or stolen You are responsible for the replacement to a maximum cost of 400 euros. Additionally, you are liable for any express post services to send spare keys to you. In the event that the driver is unable to deliver the vehicle to the agreed location, regardless of the reason, we reserve the right to charge you the cost of the relocation of the vehicle. This cost will vary depending on where the vehicle has been left.

Prohibition of Off-road use:

Driving a car on a non-asphalt road is considered a violation of our rental terms. Any costs or damages occurred in these places are charged to the customer; Transportation costs, parts, and labor costs. We also have the right to take the car from you without any compensation or return of the rental amount.

7. Indemnity: You expressly agree that the company is not responsible for any loss or damage suffered by You or third parties, during the rental period and no claim can be raised against the company for the above reason.

The Company nor any of its personnel, cannot be held liable, individually or collectively, in any way for any occurrence in connection with the operation of this rental agreement that might result in injury, death, or damage to Renter, his property, or his family heirs or assigns.

8. Accidents: In case of an accident or any other incident (fire, theft, etc.), You are obliged to immediately do the following: (a) not acknowledge liability or guilt and claims of third parties in any way, direct or indirect. Note the names and addresses of eyewitnesses and also the name and the address of the driver and the data of the vehicle, with which the Motorcycle may have collided. (c) Notify the police to investigate the liability of the third party and provide care to any injuries. (d) Contact the company immediately by phone or other means and act in accordance with instructions given by the Company. (e) Obtain all relevant information from any third party. (f) Photograph the location of the accident, and the vehicles participating in the accident, if possible. The renter must complete and sign an accident report within 24 hours and send any relevant documents or information to the company. (g) You agree to provide all assistance reasonably required by the Company in relation to the accident, including the provision of statements, information, and documents and will attend court to give evidence and meet with Company’s lawyers as required in relation to any legal action arising in connection with the rental of the vehicle.

Damages to the interior of the car (upholstery, dashboard, seats, r/cd., car key loss) as well mirrors, wheel covers, and antennas are not covered by the insurance unless they were caused in an accident. Tires are covered only in case the renter has accepted the Tires Insurance

9. Miscellaneous: (a) Vehicle is always the property of Rentals Allercrete. This is an agreement of rental only. Renter is not the company’s agent in any way and in any case. Renter acknowledges that he acquires no rights other than those stated in this agreement. (b) During the rental, all additional drivers are jointly and severally liable to the Renter.

(c) Likewise, in case this agreement is signed by any representative of the Renter, he would be jointly and severally responsible with the Renter. (d) This agreement supersedes any other prior written or verbal agreement between the company and Renter. (e) the company cannot waive any of its rights deriving from the law and this agreement. (f) Any alteration of the terms of this agreement is not valid if not agreed upon in writing. (g) Renter agrees and accepts that all abovementioned terms are valid both in case of the initial agreement with the company and in any case of extension of the time of the rental and/or replacement of the Motorcycle by another. (h) In case there is a difference between the copies and the original of this agreement, the original possessed by the company always supersedes. (I) The contracting parties acknowledge and accept that all terms of this agreement are substantial and fundamental for the purpose thereof. (j) If you have violated the terms of this contract or if you have been riding the same in an illegal manner or in violation of the Greek driving code, you then have the obligation to compensate the Company for all losses and damages suffered by the Company.

10. Jurisdiction: This agreement is governed by Greek Legislation and any and all disputes which may arise between the company and the renter from this agreement will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Heraklion, Crete, Greece.